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“The same day I signed up for NomadFly and read Beck’s ebook, I used just a few of the tips and tricks I learned to save $237 on an upcoming trip. I had pretty specific needs for this itinerary, but I can tell that with the same strategy I could save way more on flights where I have more flexibility. Beck is brilliant and this stuff works!”
Amy Scott
Founder, NomadTopia
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Made in a tropical country by  Beck Power at NomadFly
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 That's right! When you're next at the airport check-in counter and you're asked for proof of onward travel, don't stress. You can generate an itinerary out of any city in less than 10 seconds. NomadProof just works. And you get unlimited access when you join. 
Facebook forum to ask your questions / recommendations.
Wondering what the best way is to get to your next home? Not sure if that airline is real or not? Having a bad experience with a hotel or airline? You're not alone! Ask the community for recommendations and warnings, and share nomadic stuff you love as well!

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There are a lot of small hacks to know, and new tricks emerging all the time. Our course covers not only flight hacking tips, but also travel hacking - from housesitting to car rentals to cruises, you've got what you need inside our NomadFly course. Learn more here.
“With my last flight to and from Australia, I was able to save over $300 each way with the tips offered in NomadFly. The information in this course is invaluable to anyone who flies even once a year. 

Spend the money, you’ll save it on your next flight for sure. I thought I knew a bit about getting the best deals on flights, but hands down this is the best tool or course I’ve spent money on in the last few years.”
Bec Robbie
Founder, Bec Robbie
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Made in a tropical country by  Beck Power at NomadFly
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