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I'm Beck Power, a former travel agent and digital nomad who
knows the secrets of the 
flight hacking universe.

I'm about to show you my secret sauce to save hundreds on flights - without using air points, hiding inside a suitcase or sleeping with the captain.

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One Short Guide. Hundreds of Dollars in Flight Savings.
  • Learn from an award-winning travel agent (that's me, I'm Beck) how to find the best flights every time you fly.
  • Know what you should be paying for international flights. (If you've ever paid more than $500 for an international flight, you're paying too much!)
  • Visit more cities and countries at less cost than flying the popular direct routes
  • Join our free Facebook Group and get tips and hacks from hundreds of other travel hackers using these simple tools every day
  • All the best routes, continuously updated in each version of the Flight Hacking guide (we're already on version 5 after only one year!)
  • BONUS: Airport hacks ebook will give you the tools to make  airports suck less
  • BONUS: Our popular 3-day walkthrough email series that will show you exactly how to use the flight route hacking strategy to save money on every flight.
  • BONUS: Private Video walkthrough that shows me using this exact technique to save 75% off my international flight!
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